Funeral Flowers in Bristol

When it comes to choosing funeral flowers you can take comfort in knowing that when you ask us to create an arrangement it will be highly personal and deeply meaningful.

From a simple posy for grandchildren to hold, to a bountiful display of seasonal garden blooms draped over a casket, we can create exactly what you want for the attendees and the departed.  And when decorating the venue you can have anything from a large single arrangement at the entrance, a pair of flower displays either side of the coffin, to a collection of small  arrangements for a table.

Our arrangements are environmentally friendly, each made without using plastic or foam and although we love using sustainably grown local flowers, we can of course order specific flowers for you.

We were all very pleased with the floral tribute you created for our father’s funeral, it was perfect and accurately expressed what we’d asked you to do. The real sadness for me is that Dad was not there to appreciate your work: he woud have loved it. My brother and I carried it in and out of both services and now it stands outside Mum’s front door in Avonmouth’. 


3ft   £180      4ft  £240       5ft   £300       6ft  £360       excluding delivery

                                                                                                       funeral flowers autumn


45 cms   £45     OR      75 cms   £85          excluding delivery

                                                                                                                 a funeral sheaf


45 cm diameter £80       excluding delivery

                                                                                                                funeral wreath

VENUE flowers

Priced individually          excluding delivery

                                                                                                              funeral flowers dark

Rest assured knowing that whatever you choose, your loved one’s arrangement is bespoke and their flowers have been lovingly grown, carefully selected and freshly picked.


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